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Featured Projects

Brand Strategy – Tree & Garden People

We recently worked with The Tree & Garden People to establish an engaging brand identity for the launch of their regional services.

We worked closely with the team to craft a striking identity which characterised the services and ethos of the company similar to previous client engagements. For the Tree & Garden People this identity was then rolled out across a range of print-based media, including stationery and direct-mail. Our strategy aided The Tree & Garden People’s transition from a localised service provider into regional competitors.

Featured Projects #2

Desire – Personal Project

We’ve been incredibly busy recently, but we’ve still found time to produce some new pieces of personal work.

‘Desire’ is the first in a new series of pieces. It has taken around 2 months to create due to the fact there has been such limited time to attend to it. The sense of movement and emotion in the piece was something I was really keen to capture. The design is one of the most complex yet, employing layer-upon-layer of effects and textures.

To see a High Res. version of “Desire” and our other new pieces, head over to the Roam Design website.

Featured Projects #3

Getting Away With It – Cover Artwork and Web Design

Roam Design created the cover artwork and online presence to promote Dave Boniface’s new book, Getting Away With It. Other projects have included work on Comprogear Wide Calf Compression Socks

Featured Projects #4

Pioneer – Annual Leaders’ Conference

Roam Design were asked to craft the identity and printed collateral for Pioneer’s Annual Leaders’ Conference.

Featured Projects #5

Southampton Hospital Charity Branding & Newsletter

Roam Design have had the privilege to work alongside the NHS’ Southampton Hospital Charity to manage the development of the charity’s brand.

Amongst the many projects included in this role, Roam Design manage the art direction and production of the charity’s quarterly newsletter. The latest issue is back from print and is now in general distribution (above).

In response to our ongoing work Veryan Grant, Director of Southampton Hospital Charity, writes:

“Roam Design’s understanding of the brief along with their flair and creativity have made them our top choice for key design work. They are naturally talented, artistic individuals but also have a very organised, professional manner about them. That’s a great balance!”

Watch this space for more projects from Southampton Hospital Charity.

Featured Projects #6

Together at Westpoint Campaign – Brochure

We’ve been working alongside New Frontiers for the last few months to develop the strategy and key deliverables for their Summer festival, ‘Together at Westpoint’. As one of these materials, we were asked to produce a brochure which would showcase the event.

We wanted to build upon the strengths of our rebranding of the event and this gave us a great opportunity to bring the brand to life. This brochure uses a die cut cover emphasising the logo and vibrant imagery throughout. The overall result is a wonderfully engaging document.

Alongside the brochure we also created a whole range of key deliverables including a website, video motion graphics as well as completing a comprehensive rebrand.

Featured Projects #7

Together at Westpoint Campaign – Website

We’ve been working alongside New Frontiers for the last few months to develop the strategy and key deliverables for their Summer festival, ‘Together at Westpoint’. As well as rebranding the event and creating materials in print (have a look at the brochure) we also crafted a beautiful website to continue the brand experience onto the web.

Why not take a look for yourself at

Featured Projects #8

Together at Westpoint – Print Collatoral